Silver Violin
Petite Gold & Crystal 'Treble Clef' Pin
Petite Treble Clef Pin
"5678" Pin
~ More Wonderful Glittery Sparkling Jewelry ~
Perfect Accents for Ballroom Dancing Attire!

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Dancer Pin
I Gotta Dance Pin
Dance Pin
'Born to Dance'  Pin
'Dancer'  Pin
'I Gotta Dance' Pin
Gold 'Dance'  Pin
Gold Musical Bars Pin
Let's Dance Pin
'Let's Dance' 
'Musical Bars' 
Gold Pin
'Glittery Treble Clef' Pin
Gold Charm Treble Clef Pin
Fancy Treble Clef Pin
Crystal Musical Note Pin
Glittery Treble Clef Pin
Glittery  Musical Bars
Gold Charm 'Treble Clef''  
'Fancy Treble Clef'  Pin
Crystal 'Musical 
Note' Pin
'Glittery Musical Bars'  Pin
'Guitar'  Pin
Red, Blue or Clear

Dance Mom
'Mom Dance'  Pin
Hugging Couple
'Hugging Couple'  Pin
Dance Teacher
'Dance Teacher'  Pin
Dance Grandma
'Dance Gandma'  Pin
Silver Drum
'Silver or Gold Drum'  Pin
Gold Drum
Gold Violin
'Silver or Gold Violin'  Pin
Treble Clef Earrings
'Treble Clef'  Earrings
Piano Pin
'Piano'  Pin
Harp Pin
'Harp'  Pin
Sax Pin
'Sax'  Pin

Large Rumba Dancers Pin
Vertical Dance Earrings
Large Rumba Dancer Earrings
Dance Pin
Latin Pin
Rumba Pin
Waltz Pin
Small Rumba Dancers Pin
Medium Rumba Dancers Pin
'Tango'  Pin
Tango Pin
'Curved Dance'  Pin
'Latin'  Pin
'Rumba'  Pin
'Waltz'  Pin
"I love Dance'
Vertical 'Dance'
~ Pierced Only ~
Small Rumba Dancers Pin
Gold or Silver
Medium Rumba Dancers  Pin
Gold, Silver
or Red
Large Rumba Dancers  Pin
Gold or Silver
Rumba Dancers  Earrings
Sm - $32.00  
Gold or Silver
~ Clip Only ~
Small Dangling 
Rumba Earrings
Gold or Silver
~ Pierced Only ~
Dangling Rumba Dancers Earrings
Vertical Dance Pin
Vertical 'Dance' Pin
I Love Dance Pin
"I love Dance' Pin
I Love Dance Earrings
I Love Dance Earrings
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