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Dance Crazy is a wonderful program of ballroom dancing for 4th and 5th graders in the Capital District and surrounding areas. To date, more than 750 children have learned five ballroom dances with Dance Crazy. 

The program began in 2005 after the release of the documentary Mad Hot Ballroom.  The film depicted many achievements, both personal and artistic, of children in a similar NY City ballroom dance program.

Since the programs inception 2005, many teachers and parents have commented on the many positive outcomes for children that participate in Dance Crazy.  Enhanced self-esteem, improved physical conditioning, development of respect for others, and appreciation of teamwork all are experienced first-hand by the dance students.

Schools in the program have a choice of either a competitive or a non-competitive program.  Non-competitive schools receive twenty ballroom dance classes over a ten-week period.  Competitive schools receive the same, plus an additional twelve -dance classes dispersed over six weeks.  All schools receive the first twenty lessons free of charge, whereas the competitive schools are charged a modest fee for their additional twelve classes.

Local professional ballroom dance instructors teach the Dance Crazy classes, and volunteer ballroom dancers help out with practices as well as with support and encouragement for the children.

Funding for the Dance Crazy program, a 501c3 charitable organization whereby all donations are tax-deductible, comes from fundraisers as well as private and corporate sponsors. 

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