Mizu Matsu Healing Tape *
For Joint and Muscle PAIN
No messy hands    ~    No strong odor   ~   No burning or stinging
Mizu Matsu Healing Tape

Q: Where should I use the Mizu Matsu Healing Tape?
A:  Use it wherever you feel joint or muscle stiffness, pain or discomfort.

Q: How often do I change the tape?
A: It is not harmful to keep the tape on indefinitely.  You may wish to change the tape every
48 hours, but usually the pain is gone by that time and reapplication unnecessary.

Q: Can I bathe with the tape on?
A: Yes, it is fine to bathe with the tape on.  After your bath, just pat dry with a towel as
needed.  The ingredients in the tape will not be washed away, so it is still effective. 
This is the same for swimming pools.

Q: Can I exercise with the tape on?
A: Of course.

Before Applying Tape

After 15 min

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From Backbone & Neck

After 25 min. After 35 min.

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Gradually the Entire Back is warm LOOK AT THE RESULT!
The Japanese have called it "Miracle Tape" because of the amazing way the Mizu Matsu Healing Tape makes joint and muscle pain disappear without smelly creams, painful injections or manipulation. 

The secret to the healing power of Mizu Matsu Healing Tape is the ancient Japanese Yew (Mizu-Matsu) found in deep mountainous areas of the northern island of Hokkaido. 
The branches of the oldest Mizu Matsu trees are harvested during seasonal pruning (to keep the trees healthy).  These branches, needles and all, are ground into a special extract that is combined with Chinese herbal medications such as mugwort and pine oil and kneaded into a diatomic ceramic paste.  A soft fabric tape is infused with this paste to create a tape that is breathable but also preserves precious moisture around the affected area.  As the paste touches your skin, it begins to generate negative ions that in turn create far infrared action drawing blood to the aching joint or muscle for rapid, natural healing.  In a test of the far infrared waves created by the Mizu Matsu Healing Tape, the Japan Far Infrared Ray Application Association measured up to 2,760 vibrations per cc within one minute. 
Directions for Use:

Cut a strip of Mizu Matsu Healing Tape enough to cover the area you are treating.  You may need to determine the proper location to place the tape by pressing your fingers around the painful area.  When the pain seems to decrease when you press a particular area, this is the root of the pain and the area you should treat with Mizu Matsu Healing Tape.  The edges of the Mizu Matsu Healing Tape may be rounded off for better adhesiveness.

Make sure the area is clean and wipe off dampness or sweat with a towel prior to use.
Do not stretch the tape when applying, or the medication will be diffused.
When removing, peel off slowly as you hold down the skin.

You can bathe with the tape on, just towel dry afterwards.  The tape dries in minutes.
If you experience a rash, itchiness or other unusual symptoms, discontinue use immediately and consult with your physician.  The efficacy of the tape peaks at around 48 hours of continuous application.  Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

"Mizu Matsu Healing Tape will not "cure" fractures, torn ligaments or other traumatic injuries.  Please use common sense and see a doctor if you have swelling, bruising, bleeding or any signs of physical trauma."
Mizu Matsu Healing Tape is manufactured by:

Healaryon Network Company, Ltd.
Hokkaido, Japan

Japanese scientists have long been aware that Hokkaido fosters
higher levels of negative ion and infrared activity, probably due to its still pristine environment. 
In tests with Japanese patients, the Mizu Matsu Healing Tape was found to be efficacious in treating lumbago, joint pain, shoulder and neck aches and symptoms of rheumatism.  No side effects have been reported.  The Mizu Matsu Healing Tape has no odor, does not sting or burn delicate skin and is extremely easy to apply and remove.  It can be used while bathing or showering without loss of efficacy.  Some Japanese chiropractic patients using the Mizu Matsu Healing Tape have reported relief from chronic constipation, liver disfunction, coughing, headaches and other organic ailments due to the general enhancement of blood circulation.  Testimonials from both patients and doctors have abounded in Japan where Dr. Yasuke Mitsube, Director of the Chiropractic Treatment Center, has made Mizu Matsu Healing Tape an integral part of their therapeutic methodology.

*    In Japan, this product is referred to as Healaryon Energy Tape
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Gently stimulates your body's circulatory and lymphatic systems
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"I used it on my hand that was sore and swollen for a week.  Within hours, the swelling came down and the pain went away.  I was about to get a cortisone injection, but the Mizu Matsu tape took care of the problem.  I am now using it on my chronically painful arthritic right hip."
Therese Commisso, Altamont, NY

"By the way the Mizu Matsu Healing Tape really works.  I used one on a sore spot on my back and 4 days later the pain was gone, and I had that pain for at least 2 months.  Giovanni did the same thing and he also felt better in a few days, and boy, they stay on ,even with everyday showers, until you take them off.  Truthfully, I never believed in things like that until I used those tapes.  Thank you and keep on dancing." 
Fadia Ghobrial

"I put the tape on my mother's arm and her knee and she did not have as much pain as before. I had pain on my elbow in which I could hardly move, so I used the healing tape on it and within not even a day my elbow didn't bother me anymore. " 
Maria Marchio, Albany, NY

I use the Mizu Matsu Tape on my right foot because I had surgery on it in 2001, and though better, it's still painful when I dance.  After applying the tape, we danced for four hours, and the left foot hurt more than the right!
Cheryl Niland, Eastlake, OH

"During a Standard Pre-Champ competition, I tore my groin muscle during a throwaway oversway.  The pain was unbearable.  The orthopedist told me it would take weeks or months before the muscle would heal.  My wife put the Mizu Matsu tape on and made me wear it for two weeks.  I was back dancing Standard (carefully) after the first week." 
Paul Giuliano, Albany, NY

"My daughter has on one of the trial patches - bad back.  She thought it wasn't doing a thing until she bent down to take her 3 legged/2 footed Doberman (about 60 lbs) outside and it didn't hurt to do it... took about 1 hr.  She just stood there amaized!  She's going to try raking tomorrow to see how it goes!"
Sue Wilhelm, Clifton Park, NY

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