Instructions for Use:

INSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLICATION:It is important that you follow all the instructions carefully prior to wearing NuBra. DO NOT USE moisturizers, perfumes, powders or other skin care products prior to use, as this will reduce the effect of the adhesive.
To apply, simply position NuBra on the desired area, press on and go! NuBra's state-of-the-art adhesive is lab tested and proven to be skin friendly.

You can easily clean your NuBra by using a gentle soap and warm water (no special cleaning solutions necessary!), rinse and then air dry!

Once dry, the adhesive will amazingly regenerate!

NuBra stick-on is guaranteed to stay securely in place even when you sweat (when instructions are followed carefully).
Nu Bra

For a fuller look, wear the NuBra at a higher position than your breasts.
NuBra is designed to be thinner on the lower portion of the cup so it can blend with your breast without showing its edges. Therefore, it is normal if NuBra does not cover your entire breasts (photo above).

To create cleavage, place your NuBra farther away from each other so when the front closure is closed securely, this will tighten the breast to create that ultimate cleavage you're looking for.

Note: If you are not satisfied with the results and must reposition the bra, peel off the bra gently and reapply. Too many attempts will reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive. If this happens, simply wash the bra cups and let air dry before reapplying.
How To Use...

Gently clean your chest area with mild soap and water to remove body oil and residue from skin. Dry your skin with a soft towel.

If you feel you need better adhesion, we recommend you to use Skin-Prep protective wipes.

Skin-Prep will form a protective coating that will ensure the adhesion of the NuBra adhesive to the skin.

Click below to purchase Skin-Prep.

Stand in front of a mirror.
Flip the cup outward while holding the bra cup by the edges with both hands (see photo on left).
Position the cup to your desired breast angle and gently smooth the cup edges firmly to the breast with your fingertips.
Repeat the same application on your breast, being sure both sides are equal in height
(see suggestions).

Then, with both hands on the bra cups (see photo on left), press firmly for a few seconds to secure the hold.
Now, you are ready to enjoy the total freedom and comfort of your NuBra.

Correct Placement
Incorrect Placement
HOW TO USE......

Take your time, detach the front closure first, then gently peel off the bra starting from the top and gradually downward. If any adhesive residue remains on the skin after removal, simply wipe skin with a soft tissue to remove.

Always wash your NuBra after each wear to remove any body oil or other residues that may clog the surface of the adhesive. DO NOT machine wash or dry.

1. While holding one bra cup in the palm of your hand, wet the adhesive surface with warm water and add a small amount of mild soap. Gently use the palm of your other hand to create a circular motion to clean. DO NOT USE your fingernails, as this can cause a tear in the adhesive.

2. Rinse the bra cup with warm water to remove all soap residue. Shake off all excess water and place into the original tray to AIR DRY.

3. DO NOT USE A TOWEL TO DRY. When your NuBra is completely dried in the original tray, cover with the lid. This will prevent dust and lint from gathering on the adhesive. The better you care for your NuBra, the longer it will last.


1. DO NOT USE A TOWEL or place the adhesive side against clothing, as the lint will gradually clog the adhesive. If something does get onto the adhesive, carefully pick them up with your fingers. Try to avoid the clothing that sheds fibers easily.

2. DO NOT USE A BRUSH OR FINGERNAILS or any object to clean the surface. This will cause permanent damage to the adhesive.

3. DO NOT CLEAN WITH ALCOHOL, Bleach or any cleaning solutions. All you need is warm water and soap.

4. DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE THE ADHESIVE, or you risk damaging the product.

5. KEEP SHARP OBJECTS AWAY from your NuBra. If you puncture your NuBra by accident, use an adhesive-like bandage to prevent further split.

6. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR WOMEN WITH SENSITIVE SKIN. DO NOT use on open cuts, skin disorders, sun damaged or sun burned skin. DO NOT wear if you have skin de-pigmentation problems, or have a family history of skin de-pigmentation. We suggest that you do not wear NuBra for more than six hours at a time. All skin types are different, discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear. If irritation continues, please consult your doctor.

How To Use...
How To Use...
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